Mysore Etiquette

We intend to create a space where students can focus entirely upon their practice, without distraction.  With this in mind, we ask all practitioners to maintain a quality of mindfulness while in the space.  When the beauty, cleanliness and solitude of the space is honored, Mysore practice is a truly sacred experience.

Here’s a list of what we consider to be Mysore etiquette.

  • Please do not eat for at least 2 hours prior to practice and do not drink water during class.
  • In addition to bringing a yoga rug/and or towel for your own use, please bring a towel that the teacher can use for your adjustments.
  • Please turn off your cell phones.
  • Please honor the silence of the room.
  • Please be mindful of your own cleanliness so as not to disturb others around you:
    • Please shower before coming to class
    • Please wear clean clothing.
    • Please ensure that your mat and towels are clean and odor-free
    • Please refrain from wearing any perfumes or scented body products or clothing detergents.
    • If you sweat  a lot , please be sure to bring extra towels to mop up your sweat before you leave.